Happy Halloween + Sorry Note

Hey guys!
Sorry for not posting a lot,I’ve been busy,but now im back to post and help you!
So,you all know its Halloween in CP right,and I’ve got some cheats for you!
So,when you first login CP,Rookie will appear on the screen and say things about Halloween and stuff,and in the second message,he’ll say things about Haunted Candies! 😮
I wonder what they do to you!
Then a candy bag’ll appear next to the moderator badge on the screen,and when you clock that,its a collection of Haunted candies!
And the next page is 2 pages of a catalog that can be bought with candies.
To collect candies,simply go to a pumpkin and pick any 3 candies,some may be with money to by clothes,some may be…HAUNTED!
When you collect Haunted candies,and eat it,you either transform into a werewolf,zombie or vampire!
Note-when you transform into a vampire,and dance/wave,you will become a black puffle bat!
Hope you liked this guide!
Let us know you faviroute part this halloween in the comments!

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