Club Penguin Holiday Party 2013 News already!

Yes that’s right! Club Penguin and Disney have already released some of the features for this years Christmas Party! SO here is an excerpt from the Club Penguin Wiki about to event/party!

” The Holiday Party 2013 is an upcoming party in Club Penguin to occur in December 2013. It will be the 9th Christmas/Holiday Party. In an interview with Trainman1405 and Srijanrocks2, Spike Hike confirmed that there will be a special mechanic that allows members to help non-members, and on Club Penguin Space, another blog, a picture was posted with a penguin in a suit delivering presents in some sort of vehicle. This could be the helping non-members mechanic. “

And that’s it! Hope this helps penguin to discover more about the Club Penguin Holiday Party for 2013!

(Also Coins for Change is Official and will also be happening at this years event. Aunt Arctic or/and Rockhopper are the so far known mascots to appear at the party)

Waddle On!


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