Hi Guys!

Since we have almost reached 3000 views should we party? When we got 2000 we did not party due to no body arriving for our one thousand views party. If you cannot make it please do not lie. Just say you cannot make it. If you can, great! The party should be in a Sunday but it is not confirmed. I will activate the party tracker if we decide to have one. The poll above is to tell me who can come. Anyone who comes will get a postcard from me. The time might be UK morning time. I you do not know if you cannot coke or not please do bot vote. Wait until you find out then vote. We will also bring our golden puffle and dig for treasure as well. Just nine more views until three thousand. As a bonus we will be adding more thing to this website. Soon we will be near five thousand. Please do NOT lie if you cannot come. Thanks!

Torres126 (Head of organizing parties lol)

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