Operation Puffle Day 2


Club Penguin Operation Puffle Cheats – Day 2

This is what you see when you login. Click “Go There” to get started.

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 2

Once you’ve clicked “Go There”, you’ll be transported to one of the Operation Puffle party rooms. Click on the hole which the red puffle is popping out of to start the mission.

It’s the same as the first mission (save the blue puffle). To slide down hills and to catch the puffles, hold down the downwards arrow on your keyboard. Remember to only hold it down when you’re going down a slope or you will slow down! This one is a bit harder than the previous mission because there’s more level ground which have bumps in them so it slows you down a lot.

club penguin red puffle catch operation puffle

Now you can collect items! (It took me ages to be able to take the picture below lol. As I said, this mission is harder than the previous one)

club penguin operation puffle caught 5 red puffles

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