Operation Puffle Day 4 Cheats

Club Penguin Operation Puffle Cheats Day 4

This is what you see when you login. To go to where the mission is located, click the “Go There” button.

club penguin operation puffle day 4 cheats

Once you’ve been transported to the mission’s location, click on the hole which the brown puffle is hopping out of.

The mission is exactly the asme as the previous three. Slide down hills for speed by pressing the downwards arrow on your keyboard. That’s all you have to do! Remember not to slide when you’re not going downwards or on level ground, though. You’ll be slowed down.

club penguin operation puffle day 4 cheats brown puffle

You can now collect your items.

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 4 puffle chase

Hopefully Club Penguin will make these missions different and/or harder as we go along.


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