Operation Puffle Day 6 Cheats

Club Penguin Operation Puffle Cheats Day 6

As always, you’ll see this screen when you login. Click “Go There” to be teleported to the mission’s location.

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 6

Once you’ve been taken to an Operation Puffle party room, click the hole which the puffle is hopping out of.


If you’re a member, you can choose a Golden Puffle to get you Golden Items (That are awesome!0 during the chase.

club penguin operation puffle day 6 cheats

As usual, the mission is exactly the same as the previous ones. Just slide by holding the downwards button and let it go from there. Keep in mind that you should only slide when you’re descending or on level ground.

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 6

You only need to save one puffle, by the way. Try to catch them all though.

club penguin operation puffle cheats day 5

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