More Herbert Meet Up Times

Hi Everyone,


I recently email CP and they gave me some new meet up times for Herbert! All times PST!

Wednesday, November 27th

  • 8:00 AM on the Portuguese server Cristal de Gelo
  • 8:30 AM on the French server Jour de Neige
  • 8:30 AM on the German server Gletscher
  • 9:00 AM on the server Cozy
  • 3:00 PM on the server Crystal

Thursday, November 28th

  • 3:00 AM on the Portuguese server Freezer
  • 6:45 AM on the Portuguese server Pizza Fria
  • 9:00 AM on the server Fog
  • 1:10 PM on the Portuguese server Pororoca Polar
  • 3:00 PM on the server Frosty

Friday, November 29th:

  • 3:45 AM on the Portuguese server Aurora Boreal
  • 6:05 AM on the Portuguese server Deu Branco
  • 8:30 AM on the German server Eiszapfan
  • 10:30 AM on the Portuguese server Vale Branco

Saturday, November 30th

  • 8:45 AM on the Portuguese server Pólo Sul
  • 12:30 PM on the Portuguese server Meias de Lã
  • 3:00 PM on the server White Out
  • 6:30 PM on the server Wool Sock

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