New Poll


Prize :

1st : 17,000,000,000 Tokens

1.No cheating.Polls have IP Checkers.
2.Do not get sad if you lose! Its only a tournament! You’ll be also still be part of the upcoming Polls!
3.No bribing or begging for Votes from your friends.You can be disqualfied and be banned from CPTT.
4.Do not tell other People to vote for you if they don’t want to.Do not trick them like: “If my Blog wins,I’m gonna throw a 1 Year Membership Code giveaway and Smoothie Codes!”
5.Good Luck!
Best wishes to everyone!
Until Then,folks
Have an amazing 2 days of the Tournament!

~CPTT Team


Thanks to CLub Penguin tracker Tournament for giving me the code!


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