Newspaper Issue 424

Club Penguin Times has published another fresh issue for the Club Penguin island, and today Aunt Arctic celebrates the rejoice of Puffles back in our igloos and special rooms around the island.

In the main section Aunt Arctic cheers on all the Puffles making a safe return back to the island after pesky polar bear Herbert P. Bear tried to mind-control them and make the cute critters steal coins and items for Herbert.

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #424


The second section a Holiday Correspondent talks about the holidays coming soon to the island and what’s to come. He mentions that starting December 12, penguins will be able to start decking the halls in their igloos getting ready for Christmas!

Club Penguin Times Newspaper Issue #424


In the last section, the famous Upcoming Events pop-up again showing us what’s to come on the island in the next couple of weeks. This gives you a chance to get ready or excited for any eagering news!


Also did you know the Holiday Party Tune contains Deck the Walls. Awesome right?


Torres Out!

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