More Card Jitsu Games!

Hi Guys,

Spike Hike recently tweeted about more Card Jitsu coming.

CJ AIRCard Jitsu Cheese sounds funny!

Anyways if you look on the amulet you might be wondering how you will fit everything in. Here is the current edition of the amulet.Card_Jitsu

I think Club Penguin will have to make a new amulet for all these suggestions.

Also Club Penguin Card Jitsu Earth might appear soon.Ba-M1euCAAADsrG.png-large


I still hope Card Jitsu Shadow comes out. I think that Card Jitsu Shadow should come out BEFORE any other Card Jitsu games appear. Here is what I think a Shadow Ninja will look like.


Sensei will have a lot of work to do!sensei3

That’s all for now.

Waddle On!



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