New Puffle Catalog

Hi Guys,

The bug has been fixed and I am able to show you the new puffle catalog! I will post only the new stuff that has come into the catalog.


On the first page there are new foods even for non members. This was known since the last Spoiler Alert was released. I think Club Penguin spoil everything by giving so many spoilers!


Club Penguin also updated the puffles hat. I am not sure why every puffle in the catalog for the hats are white. Maybe it is a bug or maybe Club Penguin wanted that to happen.

I think these hats are pretty cool.

Club Penguin have also updated the toys. Now there are toys for Rainbow and Gold Puffles!


These are all the new items available in the Puffle Catalog. I hope Club Penguin update it again soon.

Torres Out!

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