Smoothie Smash Tips!

Hi Guys,

Recently Daffodaily5 gave us some tips for the Club Penguin app only. Here is what she said!


How fab is the new Club Penguin app update? Smoothie Smash is one of my fave games so it’s brill I can now play it on iPad! I’ve been playing all day and thought I’d share my tips with you:

There aren’t any obstacles like anvils on the iPad game – it’s all about the score!
Sparkling fruit are the ones that are needed for the current smoothie. Each time you smash a sparkling fruit you get a score multiplier – X10 is the maximum. See how long you can keep it there!
Sometimes it’s better not to smash – see if you can work out when it’s better for you to bounce slowly!
Always try and get the Bonus Time and Golden Apple power-ups, they’ll really boost your score!
Collect 5 Golden Apples and your screen will be flooded with fruit, boosting your score!

Comment below with your scores! I’m sure you can beat mine as I’m not that great at it, but it’s ok because I still play looooads!

I’ll do another post soon with some useful app tips.


Some brilliant tips! I think it is better playing Smoothie Smash on the iPad instead of a computer but I still have not played it on the app yet! I hope to soon! Have you played it yet? Comment below!

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