Club Penguin

Club Penguin is letting Gary get a puffle  what do you think it going to look like?


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  • torres126

    This is so old. Read what I said earlier:
    I am not impressed with your posting. You are posting about 3 lines of basically nothing. You cannot say u here. You must say you. If you continue posting in this horrible way, you’ll be removed this website and lose your rank on the chat. I want around 4 lines without spaces at the top and maybe an image in the middle. Look at how I post. Other authors might not be as good but you are really bad. CP should be in capital letters since it is an abbreviation or it should be written Club Penguin. I want you to start posting proper posts.

    You need to do stuff ON TIME. There was even a post on the Club Penguin blog that you could’ve at least copied or you could have shown an image of the poll. This is your last chance. Posting should not take 1 minute. It should take up to 15-30 minutes.

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