10 Step Guide To Unlocking The Safety Hoodie Guide

Hi Guys,

In the latest edition of the Spoiler Alert it was shown you could unlock a hoodie after you completed the quiz. I have got the hoodie and I am going to show you a guide on how to get it. If you didn’t see the Spoiler Alert then watch this.

Sometimes there is a bug that freezes your screen when attempting to do the test (if any Club Penguin moderator is reading this then please comment and tell us if you will fix it shortly) that forces you to log off. However this bug does not happen every time and you still can get the free item. Here is the guide.

Step 1:

Click the button on the top right hand of your screen that looks like so.


Step 2:

Once you have done step one this is what should appear:


To continue with the quiz simply click “Safety Quiz”.

Step 3:

Answer the first question:


The correct answer is “Your jokes”.

Step 4:
Continue onto the next question that is as follows:

The correct answer is “A parent, teacher, or guardian”.

Step 5:
Continue the quiz!


The correct answer is true.

Step 6:
Err..don’t continue? Just kidding!


The answer is “no one but your parents”.

Step 7:


The answer is true.

Step 8:

Here is the final question until you get your hoodie!


The final answer is “give no personal information”.

Step 9:

Once you have done all of that a hoodie will appear that looks like this:


Simply click “Collect reward”.

Step 10:

Wear your hoodie and enjoy it!

I hope this guide helped you! Comment and like if it did!

Torres Out!

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