Club Penguin App May Come Out On Android During Spring

Hi Guys,

Today I noticed a tweet from Spike Hike telling us that Android might, just might come out during Spring. Spring is probably UK time.

Here’s what Spike Hike said:



Although it is coming in Spring we are still not sure what devices the app will be on. Spike Hike is obviously talking about the app of Club Penguin.

I grabbed a photo from Club Penguin Memories, showing that the team will have to do a lot of work in order to get the app available on your Android Tablet. They need to restart coding and everything else. Here is the photo I found.

Credit to Trainman1405 and Tech70 for the image above

It looks like that the app will be out during Spring however there is no guarantee that it will be out anytime soon. Keep your flippers crossed that it will be out soon!

Waddle On!

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