Club Penguin Fair Games: Puffle Paddle

This is a guide on how to play the classical Fair game, Puffle Paddle. Please continue reading and remember to scroll down for new posts since this post stays at the top. For me, this game gives you the most tickets.

Some of you may remember the classic Fair Game, Puffle Paddle. It is similar to last year except there is a new design for the game. In order to play you need to go to the Pirate Park, the same place as Buccaneer Boats.



You should see a game like so:

Puffle Paddle


Simply click the stand then say “Yes” and instructions will appear.



Simply try to move the handle thing in line with the puffle falling. It will get harder when more puffles drop however this game is an easy way to earn lots of tickets quickly.

I hope this helped you. If it did, please comment below!

Waddle On!


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