Warning to rahuldc9

This is an official warning to rahuldc9. If you’re rahuldc9 please continue reading.

I am fed up with your grammar, spelling and overall posting. You cannot copy from other sites like you did. You MUST use capital letters in correct places. You’re not doing any of this. Your posting is a mess. If you want to stay on this site you’ll need to improve. Exclamation marks question marks do not need a space after a sentence/word (eg. Here’s how you do it!) Yes, the rules aren’t written down but it’s common sense. You’re breaking rules from the WordPress T&C’s putting this site at risk of closing down. This site has closed before and I don’t want it to happen again. Ok, nothing is stated about “good grammar” on the terms of service but I expect you to use good grammar. As for copying that is illegal. I want you to comment on this post with-in 3 days or I shall remove you from this website at once. This is your official warning card:


It’s not great but I made this on the go.
Update: You’re fired

~Torres Out!


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