Club Penguin App Makes Lots of Progress

Hi Guys,

It appears that the Club Penguin (formerly known as My Penguin) app has made a lot of progress. Spike Hike has released some tweets on Twitter about the app. First of all, there shall be a new update to the iPad app in April. The reason why it’s coming out in April is because the team has to submit it to Apple. Here’s the tweet from Spike Hike.


It says “We have a new version of the app and we will submit it to Apple on Monday. Expect it in April if it goes well!” so it’s most probably going to be out in April.

As for the app coming out on Android, that could take around six months. Although the app coming out on Android may take a long time, it is expected that the app will come out on iPhone in a few weeks time. Here’s the tweet regarding this.


It says “Android is going to take a while. Sorry guys. At least 6 more months. But iPhone is in a few weeks!” so keep your flippers crossed that it’ll be out soon!

Make sure to comment if you’re excited and what you expect in the new update!

~Torres Out!

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