Mysterious Room Found on the Island

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This post is a very interesting post on some rooms. Few of you might know that there’s a mystery room in Club Penguin. There are lots of ideas to what this room might be, when it will be used and what will be in the room. I have obtained a picture of the room. Here’s the picture:


                                    Special thanks to Club Penguin Reveals for the image above

There are lots of ideas to what this room is for. It could be for the Muppets World Tour that is approaching us (there is a countdown till the party that can be found if you scroll down and look at our sidebar) or it could be a Puffle Park. We don’t know when it’s coming out (if it’s coming out) on the Club Penguin app yet. Here’s where the room can be found.


Now, we need to figure out what this room is for. It might be a Puffle Park. The reason why I’m bringing this up is because that Polo Field tweeted about a Puffle Park in February when he was hosting “Ask Polo” on Twitter. Here’s the tweets.


Now this COULD be the real image. We don’t know yet. However it probably isn’t. I have found a small picture of the Puffle Park. It’s not at all similar to the room above. Some bloggers are expecting the room to be the Puffle Park but I think they’re wrong. Have a look at this picture.


                                         Credit to Club Penguin Memories for the image above

The image looks more like a park. The room still remains a mystery.

Comment on what you think this room is for!

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