Muppets World Tour Guide

250px-MuppetsWorldTourLogoPack your bags! The Muppets World Tour is here! Please scroll down for newer posts and remember to continue reading!

Hello Everyone,

The Muppets World Tour has begun! When you log on this is what will appear.


You might expect this to appear during a party. It has been happening since the Prehistoric Party in January. Once you have chosen a server, Kermit will start talking to you.

gfsdgsfd gfsgfsdgsf

Now this is exciting! Kermit will give you a little book thing that looks like so.fdssd If you click the image, this is what will appear.


Everyday, you can unlock something new. Some prizes are for members only. Today (March the 20th) you have to throw Fozzie! Click “Find Fozzie” to begin.

When you are in Germany (Forest) you will see Fozzie sitting down. Make sure to click him!


Once you click it, heres what will appear.


Once you have clicked ok go to your little passport and equip the pie.


Now you need to wait for someone to click the pie above your penguin and then…

Untitledyou can get a free item!

Click your passport and look what appears!


You can do one fun activity each day!

Since we’re already in our passport, let’s check out the catalog. Flip to the next page of the catalog. The items shown below are the ones that you can buy online however they are for members only.


There are some really cool costumes here! Unfortunately they are for members only.

I ran into Kermit on a German server! There was just one problem. Kermit (like Brady) isn’t adding anyone.

fdsfsdThat’s a shame.

Anyways, let’s look at our map.


Each room represents a different country.

France (Beach):


Ski Village (Russia):


Stadium (India):


Snow Forts (Spain):


Town (My favourite country, England):


Dock (Mexico):


Plaza (United States of America):


The Airport (Accessable via the USA):


Forest (Germany):


Cove (Brazil):


That’s a lot of designing! I think that Brazil should’ve been the Stadium due to the Olympics and World Cup this year. If a room hasn’t been shown above it means it isn’t decorated.

There are some new emotes for the party as well as a new emote button itself.


That’s all for this years party! Remember Kermit is also online during the party. Here’s a tracker to help you find him.

Here are some meet-up times for Kermit. All times are in PST!

Thursday, March 20th

9:30 AM on the French server Yeti
9:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe
11:00 PM on the Russian server Северный Олень

Friday, March 21st

6:00 AM on the Russian server Хоккей

Monday, March 24th

1:00 AM on the Russian server Ледниковый период
8:00 AM on the Russian server Варежки
9:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe
11:00 PM on the Russian server Дед Мороз

Tuesday, March 25th

6:00 AM on the Russian server Айсберг
11:30 PM on the Russian server Санки

Wednesday, March 26th

5:00 AM on the Russian server Буран
9:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe

Thursday, March 27th

1:00 AM on the Russian server Северный Олень
8:00 AM on the Russian server Аврора
9:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe

Kermit English Meet-Up Times
by torres126
Hi Guys,

A while ago, I announced some meet-up times for Kermit but in foreign languages. Now the team have released some English meet-up times! Here they are.

Hope everyone is enjoying the party so far! Kermit the Frog is here and we’ve got some meet-up times for you:

Saturday, March 22

* 1:00pm on the server Northern Lights

* 3:30pm on the server Crystal

* 5:30pm on the server Cloudy

Sunday, March 23

* 1:00pm on the server Sherbet

* 3:00pm on the server Chinook

* 6:00pm on the server Iceland

Monday, March 24

* 1:00pm on the server Fog

* 5:30pm on the server Sled

Thursday, March 27

* 1:00pm on the server Rainbow

Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don’t remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)!

Enjoy the party while it lasts!


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