Exclusive: Future Party Sneak Peeks

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As many of you know, the Future Party is next month’s party. Club Penguin Torres 126 has got some exclusive information about the party. We have obtained a sneak peek of possibly one of the rooms of the party. Not only that but we’ve found out the mascot of the party as well. In order to find out more, continue reading fellow penguins!

As you probably read from above, some sneak peeks have been released on the island. We are now able to show you the Museum for the Future Party next month. Here it is.


You might be reading the text at the bottom. The text proves that the Museum will most probably be a room in the Future Party however that isn’t confirmed. As you can see, there are some really cool things on the right and some old things on the left. The text reads the following:

Disney Recruitment Project

This is an environment I was asked to design for Disney Online Recruitment as an art test for their online children’s game “Club Penguin”. I decided to make an interactive museum and tried to match the style of other levels within the game.

No where does it state that this is a Museum for the Future Party but it is most likely that it will be a room.

Now to the mascot.

Earlier I met Pandarobot, a Club Penguin moderator. Pandarobot told me a bit of information on the party mascot. Here’s what we chatted about.


Once again, the mascot is not confirmed but it will most likely be Gary the Gadget Guy. Nothing has been confirmed except the actual party. If Gary is a mascot for the event, our tracker will be activated for him.

What do you think is going to happen? Comment below on your thoughts.

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