We Are Back!

Hi Guys,

Thank you for all the patience you have had! We closed down the site for an extra day but we’ve managed to do some super updating! To find out what has been updated, please continue reading.

As you all know, we’re back and running again. Pages with an * next to them have been updated. We will keep the * there for around a week. All the trackers have been updated. There is now the tracker and there is a little bit of information under the tracker about the mascot. There are no more separate moderator trackers. We now have one big moderator tracker that will track all moderators online. We’d like to remind you that our trackers are not automatic but they track him/her/them most of the time.

You will notice a new update to our theme. There is now a “Home” page button unlike before where you had to click the header. Most posts from now on will have a continue reading button such as this one. This is to be able to show more posts per a page.

Multiple pages have been updated. On the mini videos page, two new videos have been added and you can now submit your very own video for the world to enjoy! Awesome, right? If you want to order a graphic you must hover over the “Order” page unlike before. Your graphic will still be posted on the home page.

As well as the support page, we have introduced a blogroll page! This Blogroll page will allow you to get your blog into our sidebar. Rules do apply before we accept you into the blogroll. Also check out the new code page! There is a new author on our site called Abhi20! His name is IronMan on our chat.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the new updates and we’d like to thank you for being so patient again! Thank you all to the CPT126 team for helping me in different kinds of ways.

Torres Out!

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