Penguin of the Week: Zoes6

Hi Guys,

Daffo is back so there is a new Penguin of the Week! To find out who, please continue reading!


It’s good to be back after a couple of weeks on holiday! Time to get back to celebrating some awesome penguins with Penguin of the Week! 🙂

This week’s POTW is a real collector. Apparently Zoes6 loves collecting things on Club Penguin so much that she’s got pretty much all there is to have! She loves collecting stamps, puffles, clothing items, furniture items… you name it, she’s got it! Plus she’s made so many great friends on CP that she struggles to keep her friends list managed to accommodate new requests. If you see her online any time soon, send her a request and see if there’s room on her list for you! 😉

Why not leave a little comment below to congratulate Zoes6? Then you can also leave a nomination for who you think should be the next Penguin of the Week!




Well done Zoes6!

Waddle On!


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