The Spoiler Alert Returns!

Hey guys,as I posted a few days back,The Spoiler Alert is BACK!! WOO HOO! This weeks Spoiler Alert contains the Extreme Reading and as I told before,there are sneak peeks of hats that are releasing this week too. To know more,please continue reading this  post.To watch this video,just click on the play button below,its as simple as that. And yes,you guys are right,as I told you all before,Club Penguin has uploaded The Spoiler Alert to YouTube too so that more people can see it.

I really think that this episode of The Spoiler Alert is just better than the older episodes. Its seems slow and steady for me. What do you think about this episode of The Spoiler Alert? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

That’s all for now,

Waddle On!


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