A New Postcard

Hi Guys,

If you scroll down, you’d have noticed a post about a postcard. The hacker, Lolnok is sending a new postcard. It is a team red postcard. Here’s the postcard that the enemy is sending.


                                         Thanks Priyul for informing me
This postcard is old and therefore Lolnok has sent it. If you received this postcard, please delete this postcard. Club Penguin really has to ban this penguin.

Waddle On!


  • Im Jad

    Well, don’t say he has to get banned. I know him and he’s a good guy. And he’s not a hacker, he just sends .swf files of random things to random people. Besides, anyone can do it. Really won’t matter. And Club Penguin is fully aware. The reason they have not done anything about it is because if they do, they’ll end up removing their own .swf files.
    Hopefully you get what I mean

  • Icystorm 9

    This was by CPHx2, he is not Lolnok. CPHx2 has a youtube channel called CPHax2 where he shows off how to hack the game to get things like all the puffle hats and stuff like that.

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