Penguin of the Week: Redchampion1

Hey Flippered Fans,

Daffodaily5 has recently been on a break but was back a few weeks ago! Every Friday, she announces a new POTW (Penguin of the Week!)! This week Redchampion1 was the awesome penguin who earnt it.! Here’s what Daffodaily5 said.


Redchampion1 contacted the UK team recently to share a bit of artwork he had been working on. Turns out that it’s an AMAZING drawing of each of the UK team’s penguins! He had clearly put a lot of time into making this drawing as brill as possible. The team love it so much that they put it up on the wall in the office and asked me if he could be the next Penguin of the Week. So, here he is, with his incredible drawing! Soooo colourful! Congrats! 🙂

What do you think of Redchampion1’s drawing? Leave some nice comments below! If you know someone who’s done something brill, let me know and they could be the next Penguin of the Week!


Wow! Isn’t that drawing amazing? I sure love it and I’m sure most of you do too! Congratulations Redchamp from the CPT126 team!

Waddle On!



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