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Hi there,

Today I will share with you the future (don’t worry, it’s related to this topic). I applaud you if you understand it but if you don’t, there’s no need to worry, I’ve explained it below the prophecy…

Spike Hike in charge of the squads,

Shall remain in charge against all odds,

And although it’s like an endless sleep.

It’s a promise he must keep,

The project could end it’s days,

The island to preserve or raze.

Aren’t I great at making prophecies 😜? So that basically sums up what I feel Project Super Secret, the idea to bring Club Penguin to 3D, is about. The image below shows what the Club Penguin team suggested it could look like on Twitter. Let me explain it.


“Spike Hike in charge of the squads” – Spike Hike is in charge of the team at Club Penguin.
“Shall remain in charge against all odds” – Some of Spike Hike’s decisions aren’t very popular and the majority of the community, including me, would rather have Billybob in charge of Club Penguin.
“And although it’s like an endless sleep” – Spike Hike isn’t very active in the community anymore and it’s like he’s in a sleep forever.
“It’s a promise he must keep” – He has promised Project Super Secret for months now so it has to be released.

The last two lines is what I really want to discuss:
“The project could end it’s days”
I refer to Project Super Secret as “the project” and Club Penguin as “it’s”. This project is something that will truly change Club Penguin and change is a weapon. If this turns out to be a complete fail, not only would the community be angry after over a year of being excited to be absolutely disappointed, many players could end up leaving Club Penguin. I already know of one player who will probably leave if the project fails. Lots of players from “old Club Penguin” have left recently and if Project Super Secret fails, it could result in more.

“The island to preserve or raze”
Club Penguin could lose loads of members if Project Super Secret isn’t a success and raze (be destroyed). However let’s look positive. If Project Super Secret was a success, lots of old members could return and it will bring many new members. By bringing new members, the island would be preserved and it could stop the downfall of members joining which is what Club Penguin needs. The fact is, Club Penguin is doing this for the newer members. Older members might not enjoy it or like it but I definitely think that newer members are more likely to join because of it. Let us not forget the other cool things that have been leaked such as the clothing customizer. I haven’t read any reviews saying that it’s a bad thing and it’s something that all members, new or old, can enjoy.

I think we now know the main plot of Project Super Secret so I guess it isn’t so “super secret” anymore. I’m sure that there’s a lot more that Club Penguin have made that they haven’t shared with us yet. How do you think this project will turn out? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts so comment below! Please don’t contact me about your prophecy…I need to rest before using my powers again.

Waddle On!


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