Monthly Code Contest #2 – Easter Egg Hunt

*This event is now over! Please click here to view the results.*


The first Club Penguin Mountains Easter Egg Hunt is now on, and you could win a Card Jitsu code even if you don’t manage to find them all!

Hey everyone,

As you might know, every month I decide to giveaway a Card Jitsu code in one way or another. Since it’s almost Easter, I’m going to host an Easter Egg Hunt right here, on Club Penguin Mountains! Several eggs will be hidden on different pages and I’ll explain more of that in a moment. Firstly, I’m going to tell you how the event will work.

All you must do is find as many eggs as you can. It doesn’t matter how many you find! I will decide the winner by using a random name picker and I promise that I’ll pick the first name. For every egg you find, one entry will be added to the random name picker! This means that if you find all eight eggs, your name will be added eight times into the name picker!

The event starts now and will end a day before Easter which is Saturday the 26th of March 2016, meaning that you have exactly a week to do this! I aim to post the results one day after the hunt ends. So, without further ado, these are the eggs which you must track!


Each egg is on a different page. The entry form is down below, but you can only submit it once so make sure you find all the ones that you think you can. Let me explain how to enter. Pretend you found egg one on the “App” page. (It isn’t actually there!)

app egg

What you would do is that you would copy the URL for the page you found it on into the allocated space. The URL for this egg would be:

This can be found in the URL bar and just copied or pasted. Any eggs hidden on Twitter Timelines do not count. Anyway, those are the main details but now it’s time to share the entry form! Your email will be used so that I can send you the code. The terms and conditions can be found by clicking here.

Good luck finding all the eggs and happy Easter!


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