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Quite recently, a famous blogger called Trainman1405 (the owner of Club Penguin Memories) mentioned that he’d been making a small income from Club Penguin blogging for the past five years. That got some pretty unpopular responses. Today I’m going to be sharing my opinion on this.

Well, firstly, it’s not just Trainman1405 who makes a profit out of blogging about a game. Other bloggers like Riyita do too. The way they do this is through advertisements. Let me start off by sharing what some people said.

A user believed that bloggers profit off their user’s loyalty and content that they don’t own. However, that isn’t necessarily unfair. I’ll come back to this in more detail later.


Not only that, but Trainman1405 said he’d only made $6000 dollars in five years. That’s equivalent to just over £4000, which might sound like a lot but bear in mind the average yearly wage in the United Kingdom is £26,500.00.



This user claimed that if you don’t make money, you’re bound to shut down. Well, that’s not true at all and this site is proof of it. I don’t make as much as a penny, but I’ve still invested money into the site. I spent £18 on a domain and £6 to host the Card Jitsu monthly giveaways for a year. But still, I have no intention of closing down anytime soon because I can’t afford to keep this site up.

The user which I am talking about stated this. You can read the full post he made by clicking here or view his website by clicking here.

Discussion on making money

I believe that it is okay to make money out of Club Penguin blogging. Trust me, it isn’t easy to create several pages and posts. Trainman1405 has this as his income, and even if other bloggers earn money elsewhere, I see no problem as to why they shouldn’t be allowed to earn money. However, I do understand what this user is saying. I constantly advertise my posts too, but I don’t make anything. 

It’s not even like the viewer is paying money, so why complain about it? Sure, the occasional advert is always annoying but is it really that bad to complain about removing it? I don’t think so.

Waddle on!


Disclaimer: DjStoresssss requested for both his tweets and his paragraph (the image) to be removed. I will not be carrying out his wish because I am not “copying” anything and I am simply quoting it.

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