Discussion: iUsman Being a Scammer

Hey everyone,

Recently, a penguin named DJSpinner13 pretended that a penguin called iUsman was a scammer and labelled him as a “true idiot”. This made me remember when I ALMOST got scammed, which is a post that will be coming soon, but firstly, let me explain the situation.

When DJSpinner13 was asked to give proof, he failed to do so and completely ignored the people who asked him. Today, I’m going to be giving my opinion on the situation, and, hopefully, discover the truth of this matter. I present to you, the lawyer who will determine the truth.

Let the cross-examination, begin.

phoenix wright 1

DJSpinner13 - no witness

phoenix wright 2

DJSpinner13 - 2

phoenix wright 3

DJSpinner13 - 3

judge 1

phoenix wright 4

judge 2



Disclaimer: What DJSpinner13 said in the above is true. He actually did say it. All images are property of Capcom. iUsmanJ may not be a scammer, but there is nothing wrong that I can find with DJSpinner13’s testimony. Lots of people have said that he is a scammer, which makes it likely that he is.


2 thoughts on “Discussion: iUsman Being a Scammer

  1. I’m sorry but, this didn’t make any sense at all. Not the trial and definitely not the verdict either. I just don’t see the link anywhere.

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