What’s Wrong with this Blogging Community?

Hi everyone,

Today I am going to be sharing a little story of some events that happened last week. Remember that post I made about Craig Voigt and the release date of #ProjectSuperSecret? I received some mixed feedback on it. Basically, I got a message from Dj Stores saying that people are telling him bad wishes about me. He went on to say that they intend to DDOS my website (basically take it down) like they did Riyita and he claimed that he tried to calm them down but he couldn’t. Despite all of this, he couldn’t reveal who “they” was because he “respects privacy” and he isn’t “breaking the trust”.

So I remind him that under the Computer Misuse act, that is illegal and could result in time behind bars. He says “yeah right”. This was all on Wednesday and Thursday. On Saturday, I ask him again. He tells me that they intend to DDOS my website today and redirect it to inappropriate sites. He even says “Yikes, that sounds bad.”.

I then go on to warn him that what he is doing is also illegal. Under section 5 of the 1967 Criminal Law act, concealing information about a potential crime is illegal. Then he says, they haven’t contacted him in two weeks. This is obviously a lie because I received the first message on Wednesday, less than a week before he claimed to receive the first message. This is also before I released the date of Project Super Secret.

Now that I know for sure that he’s lying, I told him. This is when it gets crazy because in, what I think, is an attempt to defend himself, he finally reveals this mysterious person. Turns out it wasn’t a group like he originally claimed. It was simply Flip Flap15, a person who isn’t too fond of my content but I trust that he would never DDOS mine. He also claimed that Flippy took down Riyita’s site (Club Penguin Space) too.

Since I now know who apparently did it, I asked Riyita. He said that what Dj Stores was saying is complete nonsense. So now we have Dj accusing a completely innocent person for something he did wrong. So I told Dj this and he went on to say it was a prank. Pretty funny joking about something that’s illegal, isn’t it? However, Dj all of a sudden was able to share a screenshot.

He showed a message with Kingboo8884 saying  things about me. I don’t care that he said this (it wasn’t exactly rude – he just complained that I advertise way too much) but Dj claimed that King said nothing about DDOSing or hacking. In the screenshot, King did not say that he would DDOS Club Penguin Mountains. He then went on to say he did it and it was a prank. I’d already figured as much on Wednesday. Then he called me ridiculous despite the fact he hadn’t apologised to me. I also doubt he said sorry to Flippy who was accused of something he didn’t do. He’s basically accused Flippy of being a criminal and a law-breaker.

Update: Flippy then told me that he did hack Riyita’s site for a short period of time. I doubt this is true, especially after talking to Riyita. I expect that Dj was talking to Flippy before Flippy talked to me. Dj also probably did this with Dhi228 since I blocked him.

This is what I have been talking about on the chat recently. It is shocking to know that penguins will do that. There’s always more behind that word called “Pengfeed”. I just thought that I’d explain what actually happened. The Club Penguin community is not supposed to be like this. Dj tried to stop me from making this post, probably because he’s afraid of the truth. This post isn’t designed to ruin Dj Stores’ reputation. It’s design to show the truth.

Waddle on,

-Torres 126



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