Exclusive Investigation: Who is Bot Master Ha Ha 30?


In early July, I made a discussion on Club Penguin bots and I predicted that they would be gone way before today. I was wrong and many of those pesky bots still annoying penguins. However, there is one group of bots which are particularly vicious and it is believed by almost everyone that the creator of these bots are “Ha Ha 30”. They intend on, and have been, ruining every community held event, including Club Penguin Reunion and Club Penguin United.


The question that remains a mystery to most is who the real identity of the bot master, Ha Ha 30 really is. With extensive investigation and numerous dead ends, Club Penguin Mountains has spoken to a few people who I believe can help solve this question. Today I present to you the person behind these bot attacks and his motive for doing such a horrible thing. However, I must make clear, confirming his identity is rather challenging. This post is made up of extremely likely predictions. Yes, I will name a penguin in the end, on the grounds of very good evidence. Yes, I truly believe that this person is Ha Ha 30. But yes, there is the slightest of chances that I am wrong.

Let’s start with the suspicions that it is someone in our community, rather than just some random player. Every time an event is held and posted about, Ha Ha 30 is often there. I remember a few days before hosting an event of my own, a player was hosting a one-off party. Ha Ha 30 was there. It is extremely unlikely that this person is not in our community, else how would he know when and where a party is being hosted. This is helpful, but it only narrows it done to a few thousand.

There were many dead ends when conducting this investigation. Firstly, there’s no actual information on this player. But there is one interesting thing which I do want to make note of. Is this truly a matter of Ha Ha 30 just using a bot program, or is he able to do something much worse?

This tweet by the CP United team suggested that Ha Ha 30 was banned in early September, but what really worries me s that he was sighted at Club Penguin Reunion, which was in late October.


This wouldn’t be possible if he was banned. It’s even more concerning that he managed to get away with this, despite there being numerous moderators on the server. Does this mean he can bypass bans? No, it doesn’t. I know that doesn’t add up and I have no explanation for it, but I’ll explain later on.

Let’s get into who I believe the bot master is and why. Andrew1801. That name might be familiar, and you’d probably think that he owns a Twitter account. Short answer, he did. I was informed that he had a huge argument with someone else in our community, then left. There is not one, but two very good reasons why I accuse this person and a reason on why he is this bot master.


Firstly, it’s not his first time cheating. Look at the above from a tweet made in May (name removed for privacy reasons). Now, this could just be a case of Andrew using two browsers, but if we’re accusing him of bot making, then that’s a really large coincidence. With this in mind, it does seem as if Andrew is a cheater.

But there’s something even more dodgy here. That tweet was made in May 2016. The following tweet was made in November 2015.

Oh! You are Andrew1801! Why did you penguin got banned forever?

Screenshot taken by Tripplem

I cannot confirm if he was banned forever (I think he wasn’t banned) and it’s impossible to see replies to that tweet as his account got deleted. But, if he really was banned forever in 2015 (which I doubt), how could he log in now? And if he wasn’t, why did people think he was banned forever? Even more interesting, the same person who was friends with Andrew, went on to accuse him of cheating for likes and creating clones…

The second reason is what made me make this post. An account called “Stop Djspinner13” was formed and he attempted to spread hate to my friend Djspinner13. Him and I had a not so nice conversation before he deleted that account, but I must warn you: he used a lot of swear words. These words will be removed from the quotations and replaced with a hyphen. This hate account told me this.

Back from three – months ago, he post a tweet about me accusing me to make those manipulated idiots believe that I did, and even contacted CP to ban my main account forever for no reason and without proof.

It was at this point where Djspinner13 confirmed that this person was Andrew1801. Now, he also called Dj a liar. Ha Ha 30 also called Dj a liar. Ha Ha 30 has targeted Djspinner13 with bots a lot. This cannot be a coincidence. But every villain has a motive, and I think that this is only part of the motive. Revenge is the rest.


A blog post about Andrew1801

For years before this, Andrew was a respected member of this community. Ha Ha 30 is not trying to target Djspinner13, he’s targeting the whole community. He was at Club Penguin Reunion, after all. Well, let’s start with why he’s targeting Dj. If he thinks he got banned because of Dj, he’s capable of making bots target Dj and make it look like Dj is the bot master. I talked about this in my discussion on bots. If a moderator sees this, Dj is the one who risks getting banned. Revenge is served sweet, right?


Screenshot taken by Tripplem

But he’s trying to ruin community events too. And he also told me this.

I find it – hilarious that everyone says to me that I need to stop wasting my time, yet they are the ones who jump on the bandwagon that keeps riding on DJ’s – responding to me in the first place if they really believe that I’m trying to get attention.

Does “everyone” refer to the community? The answer to that is probably yes. So if he’s blaming the community too, it makes perfect sense to target community held events. That’s what I mean by when I say he’s trying to get revenge. He lost his respect after a huge argument with his friend, left the community, and with the rise of bots (and his prior experience with cheating), he wants to get revenge.

This post might not give a way to stop Ha Ha 30, but at least it empowers you with knowledge and information. I suppose that I should also point out I received a message from Jellobandito asking if I know Andre1801, so do be careful.  I’d like to give a big thank you to Djspinner13 for providing me with vital information but also to the person who’s tweet I used. You know who you are. I’d also like to thank Tripplem for most of the screenshots.

This post might be updated once new information is obtained.

Waddle on!



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