Club Penguin Rewritten Times Issue #21 (July 25)

A brand new Club Penguin Times edition has been released and it has a ton of exciting stuff in it, including hints at Card Jitsu, updates coming soon, a brand new game mode and more!

I would suggest reading the newspaper for yourself online but as always, I will be summarising the most important details of the paper below!

Here’s the most interesting and exciting things revealed:

  • Sensei has been spending time learning about himself and new skills, perhaps now he is ready to teach us about Card Jitsu, a game confirmed to be returning this Summer?
  • A brand new Ice Fishing game-mode is released on July 26. You have 1 minute and 30 seconds to catch as many fish as possible but you have a limited bait!
  • There have also been rumours of a grey mullet fish in the waters along with the usual red one. Perhaps this will be in the new game mode?
  • A new item will also be coming on July 26…perhaps a new Ice Fishing rod?
  • From August 2nd, there will be new igloo music
  • On August 2nd, the Water Party will end and a new pin will be hidden

I would encourage you to check out the newspaper for yourself but I will be sure to keep you updated about when new content is released! Also, I would encourage you to read through a few posts on Club Penguin Mountains as I uncover some hints on what’s happening in August.

Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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