Club Penguin Rewritten

Detailed CP Rewritten Mascot Trackers now Available

Recently, I’ve been working on a huge variety of Club Penguin Rewritten content coming very soon to this blog! Today I’ve decided to release the first main piece of this: mascot trackers!

View the mascot trackers here

Each tracker contains:

  • A cool image displaying if the mascot is online/offline. I have a system to be able to update this immediately at the sighting of a mascot
  • Tips to meet the mascots
  • Charts to show the servers which they usually visit*
  • Charts to show the times which they usually visit*
  • Information on previous backgrounds

*This isn’t out for all mascots yet but it will be updated when they begin to visit the island

This is not an actual tracker

View the mascot trackers here

Rory and Aunt Arctic are the mascots who are almost confirmed to be visiting during January, though there may be more! As such, I’ve decided to prepare all mascot trackers. The only exception is the Penguin Band, but their trackers will be uploaded within the next few days as I ran into some issues with those.

For full transparency, the trackers show how many visits have been missed, and make clear that it is manual. However, as someone who has met every mascot who has logged on with a stamp so far, I hope that it will help you find multiple mascots on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Along with this, a codes page has also been released, featuring the codes which are both available and expired. You can find it here.

I hope you find these two updates useful, but there’s plenty of more coming soon! Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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