Club Penguin Rewritten: Puffle Stats Fixed

Many of us have wanted to send our puffles to the wild for a long time now, and the good news is that we finally can! Puffle stats have been fixed!

For the puffles you do care about, you’ll need to balance their energy, health and rest by feeding them and looking after them! For those which you don’t, well, if you do nothing, they will eventually send a postcard saying they’ve run away.

This has probably been one of the most annoying bugs for a while, so seeing that it’s fixed is fantastic! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

26 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rewritten: Puffle Stats Fixed

  1. Sheesh, now this is more annoying. My Blue Puffle Saturn just spammed my mail that he is hungry, when he is almost full :v

  2. I agree with diatigera. It is worse now, and I cannot care for the puffles because the bars do not work properly. I am being sent postcards to feed them as I am feeding them, and after I do, the bar barely budges, if at all. (There are lots of issues, way too numerous to detail here.) I wish the team added the backyard, at least, if they were going to change the way we care for puffles without warning.

    • Hmm…that doesn’t sound right! I know that the team are still making tweaks, but I’m not too sure why. Perhaps it’s just taking longer for you, have you tried staying online for a bit (not in your igloo)?

  3. How come all of my coins just disappear? is it because of the puffles? I had like 200 when I logged off and now I’m at 0 when I logged back in

  4. only six puffles are having their bars decreasing, i tried to feed one of them and now his health and energy won’t decrease. note: these puffles were the puffles i bought to get the stamp, so i never fed them or made them sleep or play

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