CP Rewritten: Beacon Burns Out

The storm on Club Penguin Rewritten has now passed, but it seems a bit of damage has been inflicted!

If you head to the Beacon, you’ll notice that the light there has completely burnt out, and can’t even be turned on anymore! It’s not yet known the reason for this.

Perhaps this could be foreshadowing something in the future, or it’s just a nice reference to the storm? Nobody knows for certain, but I’ll let you know if anything is revealed!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

17 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Beacon Burns Out

  1. I think this means the power of fire is out of control, which hunts card jitsu fire even more, which I think the scavenger hunt will start at 15th November, so construction for the celebration of fire starts at 22th and the celebration of fire starts at 29th November.

  2. maybe also this is hinting paint books returning, as it reminds of burnt out bulbs, i wish this is true because i only heard of them but didn’t try them

  3. There’s a lot of things happening this month, apparently! There’s Cardjistu Fire, the fireworks on the 5th, whatever is happening to the Beacon, and they said in the first Devcast that they’re planning on finishing the EPF and PSA rebuild this month.

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