Club Penguin Rewritten: Fashion Party – Full Guide

The Fashion Party has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten until March 26th! This is an event that primarily revolves around creating outfit designs and submitting them, and as such, a lot of clothing items will be available. 🛍️

Both Rockhopper and Dot are confirmed to visit for this event. You can find Dot’s tracker here, and Rockhopper’s one here.

Entering the Fashion Contests

Step 1 – view the catalog for inspiration and the theme name: Each day, a new theme is going to be set for which the clothing contest will occur!

You can find a catalog at the bottom right of any main exterior room, such as the Town or Plaza, with some items to purchase and inspire you in regards to the theme. There aren’t any secrets in this catalog, but they change daily, and I’ll let you know if any future ones do have a hidden item!

Step 2 – design your costume: After this, you can design your outfit! Although the items in the catalog may provide inspiration, you can choose any item you wish to create your costume. Remember to select a relevant background too!

Just make sure it’s relevant to the theme! Here’s my fantasy dragon with mermaid hair and butterfly wings one…a bit of a mess.

Step 3 – submit your design: At the Dock, you’ll find a little corner at the right of the stage which you can click to submit your design.

You can only do this once for each theme, so make sure you definitely want to submit that outfit! A confirmation prompt will then appear, so click “Yes”.

Step 4 – wait for the blog post: At some point, the winners will be revealed daily in a blog post on the official blog. Each winner will receive this background in their inventory.

Each day, at midnight PST, a new theme will be available so you can repeat the steps!

Other Aspects to the Party

The entire island now has an evening sky, but the Town, Gift Shop, Dock, Plaza and Pizza Parlor are the most decorated rooms!

Dot will also be making plenty of visits, and she hasn’t visited in a while since this event. Her tracker is here.

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this helped! Waddle on!

-Torres 126

15 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rewritten: Fashion Party – Full Guide

  1. When I first played cpr years ago, I got a ban offense by accident. Will that alter my chances of winning a contest in the Fashion Party?

    • I met her too! The trackers have been updated for the new servers (Dot was tracked yesterday) but I don’t think it’d be worth making another new post on the servers. 🙂

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