Pengur Termination Officially Confirmed

For those who weren’t aware, another project which the Club Penguin Rewritten team (primarily Hagrid and Emma) were working on was Pengur. It was extremely promising, and some content on it can be found here.

Although the game was supposed to release last year, it’s long seemed like development was over. Earlier this week, that was officially confirmed.

I can confirm that Pengur/Coral isn’t really ‘a thing’ anymore and isn’t currently being worked on


In other words, Pengur will not be releasing. I must admit that this is deeply unfortunate news, and I do hope two things are released by the Pengur team:

  • What Project Coral was intended to be
  • Any unreleased art (the Ice Fishing one, pictured above, was beautiful!)

I’m aware that many won’t be familiar with what Pengur was, but it was probably one of the most promising Club Penguin projects ever. I express my sympathy to those on the team who worked so hard to try and get it released.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

2 thoughts on “Pengur Termination Officially Confirmed

  1. This is very unfortunate. Thought this would give AS3 Club Penguin and Club Penguin as a whole another chance. My hope was that they would hopefully not mess up as much as the CPR staff and other servers. It looked very promising.

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