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When is Card Jitsu Water coming to Club Penguin Rewritten?

This has been the most common question which I’ve received lately, and with the striking of the Great Storm, many have been wondering: when will it be possible to become a Water Ninja and access the Water Dojo on Club Penguin Rewritten?

Since there’s been so much speculation and so much confusion, I just wanted to write a post clearing that up once and for all! The answer is that development of Card Jitsu Water will only begin subsequent to the official launch of the HTML5 version. At present, the HTML5 version is scheduled to be launched in late December. In other words, development won’t even begin until next year.

Even once the HTML5 version has launched, there’s still a lot of time that will be required to develop the game. As such, it isn’t plausible to expect Card Jitsu Water to be released within the upcoming few weeks; it will likely take several months, if not more. However, the team have made clear that development will not begin until the transition to the new technology of HTML5 has concluded.

Although this isn’t a news post, there’s been many people thinking that the Great Storm could be foreshadowing the opportunity to become a Water Ninja. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case since development hasn’t even begun yet, and I hope this post clears that up.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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