Penguin Style

The Penguin Style is an iconic catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten, which contains all the latest clothing and lots of secrets! This page will walk through the catalog and explain all the cheats/guides.

Location: Gift Shop
Sells: Clothing items & contains secrets
Updated: Every month

There are never any secrets on the colour selection or “Custom Hoodie” pages, so let’s just skip to the main bit of the catalog. A circle represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there. Please note that only the first (Red/Blue) Viking Helmet to appear is a current valid secret.

Page one contains the wigs. It has The Black Curls and The High Puff hidden from last time, but The Shadow Spike and The Spider Poof have also been added as new secrets.

Page two contains The Nine Lives, Haunted Pumpkin Baskin, Halloween 3D Glasses, Purple Halloween Scarf, Cat Eyes, Kitty Costume, Cleo Headdress and Cleo Dress.

Page three contains further items: Pegasus Wings, Squeak-Proof Shoes, Creepy Doll Makeup, Flashlight, Creepy Doll Costume, Princess Costume, Ghost Goggles, Ghost Catcher Uniform and the Tiara.

Page four contains further items: Skeleton Mask, Skeleton, Unicorn Hooves, Unicorn Costume, Spider Queen Dress, Swamp Monster, Candy Corn Costume, Illuminous Ghost Costume, Black and White Pizza and the Purple Ghost Costume.

Page 5 contains The Cursed, The Chamberlain, the Halloween Scarf, Skull Mask, Butler Brow, The Flutterer, Ghost Pirate Costume and the Butler Suit.

The page containing different outfits with special actions has also received an update, and it now contains the Blacksmith Apron and Balloon Vendor.

Page 6 contains the Purple Spring Dress, Fishing Hat, Utopia Makeup, Majestic Makeup, Horse Costume, and Polka-Dot Bandana.

Page 7 contains further items: The Plunge, Wide Awake Eyes, Starlet Eyes, Icy Eyelashes, The Mullet, Cow Costume, Pirate’s Hook, Extra Cheesy Costume and Big Bad Wool Hooves.

Page 8 contains The Red Racer, Yellow Wheeler, Crock Costume and the Sunflower Hat.

Page 9 contains six items: The Trend, Life Jacket, Floppy Hat, Purple Viking Helmet, Alumni Jacket and The Spike n’ Style.

Page 10 contains the White Admiral’s Hat, Red and White Sneaks, The Right On, Hot Cross Bun, Breezy Dress, and Raven Wings.

The 3D Glasses and Mop & Bucket can also be found on the Penguins at Work section again – clicking the S” and “A” in “Penguins At Work” unlocks the 3D Glasses and Mop & Bucket respectively.

You will also find a variety of background images and flag pins, as well as the Penguins at Work section & Item of the Month!