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Join here: https://discord.gg/4ReTT3k

The unofficial Club Penguin Island Discord is an incredible server run by MikeyMichael which users 13 years or older can join. It is extremely active with many players in the community discussing anything, though it is always appropriate.

Please be aware that for personal reasons, I have decided to no longer be in the Discord. 


All members are subject to these rules and breaking them could result in being muted, kicked or banned.

  • Be sensible is all you really need to know. For example, don’t spam, excessively advertise etc.
  • No swearing and no being rude/disrespectful
  • Avoid being a “nuisance” and trying to start drama. For this reason, please do not discuss politics
  • It would be preferred if you use the classic CP Discord to discuss things like private servers
  • Please do not speak any languages other than English

These rules apply to all channels, both voice and text, but minimal swearing is allowed in the songs you play at Stage.

Should you see anyone break these rules, please mention the Elite Penguin Force or Penguin Secret Agency. who moderate the server.


Here’s a brief description of the channels to get you started.

#announcements – Every time a tweet, blog post or Island News report is made by the team, it will be posted here.

#island – This is where the discussion takes place and the main channel of the server. It doesn’t have to be related to Club Penguin but it often is.

#stage – Join “The Stage” voice channel and use the bot to share appropriate music. Information on commands can be found here.

#tracker – An automatically updated tracker tells you where staff members are. These people are not undercover and are already known to be moderators but please do not “expose” them on the Island.

#daily-challenges – You’ll be told what the new Daily Challenges are when they reset.

Voice channels – Apart from “The Stage”, you can listen to conversation going on here. If you so wish, you can speak to others too. Everything you say is subject to the rules.

How do I join?

Step 1: Click the invite link or click here.

Step 2:

Enter your username. You should not impersonate others and you should go by what you’re most well known as, which is likely your penguin name. My username is “Torres 126”.

NOTE: If you already have a Discord account, just login normally and you should be good to go!

Step 3:

Tap the “Claim Account” button otherwise you will only be able to read messages, not send them.

Step 4:

Enter your email along with the password you want.

Step 5:

Check your email and click the link sent to you to verify your account.

Step 6:

You’re good to go! If you wish, you can download the Discord app on Android/iOS and chat on the go.

Join here: https://discord.gg/4ReTT3k

I hope you like the amazing Club Penguin Island Discord server! I’m a huge fan of it! Let me know if you have any other questions, but if you’re already in the server, you could speak to the owner, Michael.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126