Support Banners

Would you like to support us? Add this HTML codes to your blog! In return we will also add your banner to our blog*. We really appreciate it if you do this!

Click here to be redirected to a Pastebin page. From there, copy and paste that code as a HTML code on your website. You can also add a hyperlink to this website.

Link if the shortcut is not working:

*If you wish for your blog to be featured, please contact me by either emailing, commenting or tweeting at me! Your blog must comply with the following rules to be eligible.

Rule 1:
Content may not be copied from this blog onto your blog without the owner, Torres126, giving you permission to copy. Click here for details. You may also never copy from any other blog without giving clear credit or without permission.

Rule 2:
Your blog must not be inactive for one month or more without me knowing.

Rule 3:
Your blog has to mainly focus on Club Penguin and not contain any rude, offensive or inappropriate content.

Rule 4:
You understand that we reserve the right to remove you and your blog from our blogroll at anytime. Some blogs might not even get on our blogroll due to possible conflicting interest.

Rule 5:

We do what you do (mostly!) in the sense if you add us to your sidebar, we’ll do the same. If you add a hyperlink to our blog, we’ll do the same for example!

Example of a Banner: