This page will cover the several rules about Club Penguin Mountains. It will explain permissions, rules and more. By viewing this site, you are legally bound to this document.

Section 1:

a) By visiting this site, you agree that you are legally bound to the following text which can be edited at anytime. Sometimes the following will apply when you only perform a certain action, like commenting on this blog.

b) You also must agree to the WordPress.com terms of service, which is mainly directed at blog owners however certain parts also apply to blog viewers too. That can be read by clicking here.

c) You also agree not to do anything illegal and against the United Kingdom (the country which this website is based), your country’s and International Law to this website, its viewers or its owner.

Section 2:

a) When visiting this website, your country is recorded. There is no way for the owner of the blog to pin down that you came from that country, however WordPress.com provides statistics and one of those stats explains how man views you get from commenting. Your country will not be treated as personal information and we reserve the right to publish it.

b) However, when you fill out a form or make a comment, your IP is logged. This includes, but is not limited to, ordering graphics, using the contact page and entering giveaways. Your Internet Protocol address will not be distributed by the owner of the website (except for a few exceptions: one of which is explained in section 6d). It will be used in cases to determine cheating in contest or ordering of multiple graphics in the website. Your data will be saved and Club Penguin Mountains has the right to refuse the request to delete it.

c) When filling out a comment, you are advised to input your email. Your email address is not publicly shown and only the Club Penguin Mountains team is able to view it.

Section 3:

a) When visiting the chat, you agree to abide by all fourteen rules on the chat page.

b) The owner of Club Penguin Mountains does not own the server. This means that he/she cannot see any IP addresses or any other personal information.

c) Club Penguin Mountains shall not be held responsible with any issues of the chat, as it is not owned by us. We merely have a channel on this server.

d) Your Internet Protocol address is masked and not visible to other users on the chat. It is replaced by a hostmask which all users can see, but they cannot trace and track you with.

Section 4:

a) By submitting a request for your banner, you agree that none of the rules stated on that page will be broken or have been broken in the past.

b) The same above (Section 4a) applies to requesting your video to be featured on the site as well.

Section 5:

a) On viewing this site, you agree not to “copy” any information without sufficient credit.

b) This website is not affiliated with Club Penguin or Disney.

c) The copyright policy must be adhered to when “borrowing” from the site. This is the policy.

Updated: 2 February 2016
Hello Reader,
Club Penguin Mountains has copyright provided by Copyscape. This means you may not use any of our images, text or exclusives on your site without permission.You may use things which Club Penguin distribute. We are worried about you copying, say, a discussion and claiming that you created it. Having a discussion on the same thing isn’t infringing copyright however saying the same points and using the same images is. This website is not affiliated with Disney or Club Penguin. If you have a WordPress site, you may reblog a post with pleasure. The reblog button can be found by the bottom of each post near the sharing buttons. Your custom text in the reblog may not claim that you typed/wrote the post. If we take images from a website we credit that website but we may not have asked them. If you wish to copy that image make sure you link to the site that we credited.  You can contact the blog administrator for permission by going to our contact page. Some pages have been copied with credit from another blog. We often use the Club Penguin Wiki as we find it a very useful source and they do allowed images and text to be copied from their website. If you’re looking for a good source the Club Penguin Wiki is ideal. The free graphics have been used from Everything Club Penguin but the graphics you order have been made by me. If you copy a specific image that we have designed (excluding graphics) please give credit with a link back to this site. Reblogging will automatically have a link back to this site so there’s no need to add a link if you reblog a post. If you do infringe with our copyright, you will be informed immediately. You will have a maximum of 24 hours to remove the thing you copied. If failed to do so, then we will report your website. You will also be banned forever from commenting on this website. Spamming the site is also not accepted. If you copy the whole blog HTML code and paste it on your site, the site will be spammed. We have a spam bot that tries to stop spam but the spam passes the filters. This is a straight ban. Not only that, but it is copying an entire blog. If this happens, we’ll just report the site with no warning. This is a warning for if you wanted to do that. Authors for this blog might copy something from your blog. If this happens please contact us and we will remove it immediately and we will speak to the author who copied the content. Serious measures will be taken if we infringe with your copyright. Sometimes, we copy an image and give credit. This is usually okay with bloggers but if it isn’t with you, please comment on the post and we’ll remove it since we do understand if you don’t want something copied. We won’t take measures for this, we will just remove it.
The custom font logos that we provide, which you can order by clicking here, is designed mainly for personal use but we don’t mind if you use it for your blog. We would just appreciate some link to where you got the graphic, which would be this site. Other than that, we hope you enjoy our blog. Thank you for understanding our copyright rules.

Section 6:

a) Images are courtesy of Disney Interactive though credit has been given where neccessary

b) Feel free to use these images for your blog (excluding CP Scoop, CPIN+, CPIHelp and blogs which have used content from us. These blogs can gather it themselves)

c) Please use these images to improve your blog and not just copying and pasting it into its own page!

Section 7:

a) No inappropriate things may be commented, submitted or posted in this website. This includes, but is not limited to, swear words and explicit links.

b) Advertising is also not allowed.

c) Comments are filtered for swear words automatically. They are then strictly moderated by a member of the Club Penguin Mountains team before they are able to be publicly viewed by other viewers.

Section 8:

a) By entering a giveaway/contest on this website, you agree that there is no guarantee that you will win. The contest holder may decide not to give you the code, even if you win.

b) Giveaways can be postponed and/or cancelled however it is very rare for such a thing to occur.

c) You agree to follow all the rules stated on the post of the giveaway/contest.

d) Unless stated otherwise, you are only permitted to enter once, and once only. All contests on the site are fitted with Internet Protocol checkers.

e) Should you fail to abide by section 8c/d, you will be disqualified from the competition/giveaway/contest.

f) Section eight applies to anything which the site is offering the opportunity to give an item, code or the equivalent to viewers of this website.

g) Your email is requested so that we are able to send you the code.

h) If you are requested to “judge” (or the equivalent) entires for a contest, you agree to do so fairly. You shall not reveal that you are judging for the contest until the results have been officially published on the home page of Club Penguin Mountains.

i) You understand that you may not be chosen to judge a contest, even if you wish to.

j) When you judge a contest, you may not enter in that contest. If you do, your entry will be disqualified, you will not judge that contest or anymore contests and you will be banned from all future privileges on this website (giveaways, graphics etc.) Judgement must remain fair.

k) The owner of the website may go against the votes of the judges. This will try to be avoided where possible, however in cases where the owner firmly believes that a judge was not fair, this section comes into act.

l) You agree to enter only for yourself and no-one else, regardless of their relationship to you.

Section 9:

a) The Club Penguin Mountains Twitter account (@CPMountains) holds no liability for anything which could happen with your experience on Twitter.

b) You agree to be 13+ in order to communicate or take part in any giveaways/contests/raffles hosted on Twitter.

c) Section 8a/b/c/d/e apply with Twitter giveaways too, however they are not IP checked.

d) We reserve any right to not “follow back” as we state due to specific reasons.

e) We also reserve the right to block any user.

Section 10:

a) This document can always be updated. You agree to follow the most recent update of this document. The updates are listed below.

Updates to this document:

November 5 2016 – Section 6k and 6l added

September 11th 2016 – Section 1c updated

July 18th 2016 – Section 8l added

May 18th 2016 – Section 8k added

May 17th 2016 – Section 5c updated and copyright policy added

May 9th 2016 – Section 8 h, i and j added

April 18th 2016 – Section 6i added

March 15th 2016 – Document created