G Billy Tracker

Our G Billy Tracker aims to help you meet our local drummer on Club Penguin Rewritten so that you can receive a hard-difficulty stamp and obtain his exclusive background!

Chance of visiting this month: Unlikely
The Penguin Band could visit this month, but there is no known reason for them to do so

Penguin Band Tracker




How does it work?

This tracker informs you about where Penguin Band is on Club Penguin Rewritten! From a technical perspective, each time it is loaded, it makes an API call to a spreadsheet that is updated by several people.

Are there browser notifications?

Whenever Penguin Band is detected and you have this tracker open, an icon will appear in the tab of your browser. You still need to refresh the tracker for this to appear, but the auto-refresh feature should help with that.

Example of the tracker dot

Please click here to refresh and update the tracker!

Enable to automatically refresh the page every two minutes

Visits since the start of 2018: 15
Visits recorded by tracker since the start of 2018:

Tips for meeting G Billy:

  • G Billy usually attends music-related events but he has also attended the Christmas Party
  • If you see any other members of the Penguin Band, be sure to quickly check around the island if you’re able to see G Billy


G Billy gave out the same background which can be obtained by meeting any other of the three members of the Penguin Band! He gave out this background at the Music Jam 2017/2018/2020 and the Christmas Party 2017!

He gave out this background during the Penguin Play Awards 2018 and the Waddle on Party in 2018. You could get this background without meeting him by clicking some bots of the Penguin Band playing at the Dock, or you could obtain this background normally by meeting him as usual.

The Penguin Band Stage Giveaway was available during the Music Jam during May and June 2019. It is custom to Club Penguin Rewritten, and could also be obtained by meeting any of the other three members of the band.

Good luck meeting G Billy!

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