5. A Cursory Look

We’re here to help you with Rockhopper’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island with step by step tutorials on our blog and a helpful video which you can refer to at anytime! This is episode 5, A Cursory Look.

Step 1:

After speaking to Rockhopper, you’ll need to head to Aunt Arctic. Waddle over to her and tap the orange interactive button. Collect the “Cure Recipe”.

Step 2:

Find all four ingredients on the island. You need to tap the orange interactive button when you’re close to it, then collect them. Here’s where they are:

  • The Conch Shell is located in front of the Stage in Coconut Cove
  • The O’Berry Jam is located near the Zipline to the Migrator on Picnic Hill in Beacon Boardwalk
  • Fresh Fish can be found by fishing it up at the Fishing Spot in Beacon Boardwalk
  • A pearl can be found in any oyster in the Sea Caves. Simply waddle up to it, swim away and boost swim towards the pearl when the oyster’s mouth is open.

Step 3:

Head to Coconut Cove’s fireplace by the ancient drawings. Tap the orange interactive button.

Step 4:

The Migrator will catch fire. Take the Zipline from Picnic Hill to the top of the Migrator in Beacon Boardwalk.

Step 5:

Waddle over to the conch shell and tap the orange interactive button to collect it.

Step 6:

Jump down to Rockhopper and waddle close to him, then tap the orange interactive button.

Step 7:

After Rockhopper finishes speaking to you, claim your reward!

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