6. Trailing Along

We’re here to help you with Rockhopper’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island with step by step tutorials and a helpful video which you can refer to at anytime! This is episode six, Trailing Along.

Step 1:

Follow the Cursed Trail to the Fishing Spot, down into the water and near the cannon on the right. You will see an “X”.

Step 2:

Take out your jackhammer by going my inventory – gear – jackhammer and tap the blue button at the bottom right. Open the chest by tapping the orange interactive button and collect the pieces inside.

Step 3:

Follow the Cursed Trail up the steps to Picnic Hill, on the Zipline to the Migrator, across the Crow’s Nest, on the Zipline to the Lighthouse and onto the ground.

Step 4:

Repeat step two.

Step 5:

Follow the Cursed Trail down the ramp, through Beacon Boardwalk and into the Cove, around then through the Stage and up to the Shark Arch and SS Convenience, where the X is located.

Step 6:

Repeat step two.

Step 7:

Follow the Cursed Trail over the Cove’s fire, up the steps to the Sea Caves, down into the water, past the sea urchins and the trappers, through the arches and you will arrive in the Throne Room.

Step 8:

A tablet will appear and you will need to fit the Stone Pieces to look like this. If you’re stuck, I suggest using the video for help!


Step 9:

Open your emoji bar and tap the purple scared emoji.

Step 10:

Head back to Rockhopper in Beacon Boardwalk. When close to him, tap the orange interactive button to speak with him.

Step 11: 

Claim your reward!


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