8. Good Impressions

We’re here to help you with Rockhopper’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island with step by step tutorials and a helpful video which you can refer to at anytime! This is episode eight, Good Impressions.

Step 1:

Speak to Aunt Arctic next to the Exchange who will direct you to Coconut Cove.

Step 2:

Head to the far right of Coconut Cove and take the Zipline to the Floating Deck. Carefully approach the book and when you’re close to it, tap the orange interactive button and collect “Sherlock’s Adventures”.

Step 3:

Swim to the airbag which is to the left of the Floating Deck and jump on it three times. Collect the bookworm.

Step 4:

Head to the Fishing Spot in Beacon Boardwalk and fish up an Inky Squid. Collect the Squid Ink and head to Rockhopper in the Migrator. Collect the Old Sails he gives you and go to the Cove.

Step 5:

To create a copy, follow these instructions:

  1. Take out your “Pirate Kit” (it’s in your inventory)
  2. Stand on the tile and mop it by tapping the blue mop button at the bottom right
  3. Place the sail by tapping the orange interactive button
  4. Jump on the sail three times
  5. Collect the impression by tapping the orange interactive button

You need to collect them in this order:

  1. Next to SS Convenience and the Shark Arch
  2. Next to the Coconut Tree and near the sign to the Zipline on the right
  3. On the island where buoy 2 is located

Step 6:

Head back to the Migrator once you have collected all three impressions.

Step 7:

Speak with Rockhopper then claim your reward!

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