9. The Black Pearl

We’re here to help you with Rockhopper’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island with step by step tutorials and a helpful video which you can refer to at anytime! This is episode nine, The Black Pearl.

Step 1:

Complete the puzzle given to you by Rockhopper by dragging each piece on to the screen from left to right.

Step 2:

Head to the Sea Caves and go to the Glow Grotto, the deepest point of the island.

Step 3:

The giant oyster will spit out a pearl. Swim close to it and collect it.

Step 4:

Head to Coconut Cove and stand inside the Shark Arch, located next to SS Convenience.

Step 5:

Waddle over to the Picnic Hill in Beacon Boardwalk, located near the Zipline to the Migrator. Waddle to the black pearl and tap the orange interactive button, then collect it.

Step 6:

Go back to Coconut Cove but this time waddle to the ancient ruins which are on the far right.

Step 7:

Once you’re close to the “spiral stone” (basically the hole) tap the orange interactive button.

Step 8:

Rockhopper will prevent you from inserting the pearl. Instead, claim your reward for this challenge!

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