Levelling Up

On Club Penguin Island, there are multiple levels. Each new level comes with exciting new things whether it be clothing, emojis or party supplies for you to use! In this page, I’m going to help you achieve maximum level and answer some frequently asked questions on the game.


How do I level up?

To level up, you need to complete Daily Challenges and character quests. No need to worry as we can help! Everyday we post a guide to the Daily Challenge to help you get the highest level! You can view them here. We’re also working on guides for the character quests!

How do I get my penguin level?

Your penguin level (which is the level you’re interested about) is got by adding all of your character levels together. You level up a character by earning experience points (XP). Each Daily Challenge gets you about 20-25 XP and there are huge XP rewards for completing a character quest!

So, can non-members level up?

Absolutely! It’ll take longer to level up though as non-members can’t do all Daily Challenges. They also can’t complete character quests. As such, it is much more difficult to level up but keep trying!

What are the rewards for levelling up?

With each level you get, you’ll receive a super chest! These chests can enhance your experience in game with new clothing, new decals, new gear and so much more!

How are some players so high when they’ve been playing the same time as me?

If they’ve been playing longer than November 18th 2016 then they are moderators! Be sure to add them and say “hi”! However, if they’ve been playing for the same time as you, there’s a bug which allows you to repeat Daily Challenges. This will be fixed soon so don’t worry!