The Toolbar, Menu, Emojis & Controls


In this page, we’re going to take a look at the menu, the toolbar and the controls of your penguin on Club Penguin Island. Understanding these functions will allow you to experience the game to its full potential. Let’s start with the menu.

My Penguin:


This is the tab where you can view statistics about your penguin, view your friend list and change your outfit! Let’s start by looking at your profile.


Your profile gives you the ability to see your penguin level, which is made up of all your levels added together. Your statistics shows the amount of coins you have and how long you have been on the island for. “Color” is simply where you can change your colour. Let’s take a look at your friends.


This is the tab which shows your Friends List. From here, you can find any player’s profile by just searching their name. You can add a friend by tapping a penguin then clicking “Add Friend”. They then need to accept your request. You can also accept requests from this tab! Let’s move on to “My Style”.


Here is where members can wear the clothing which they have created! You can make new clothes using the blueprints unlocked in chests by levelling up and completing adventures. The Clothing Customiser allows you to use the fabrics and decals you have unlocked to make and buy your own unique clothing!

That’s the “My Penguin” tab!

Party Supplies:


Let’s start with Gear! These can be unlocked by levelling up and some of them you have to complete adventures! Gear can be used in many places! Each item does a different thing and can be useful in certain circumstances. Sometimes they’re just fun to use! Who doesn’t want to walk around with a sword?


Tap the item to equip it and you will have it in your flipper. However, the great thing about these items is that they have special actions. These can be found at the bottom right of your screen. For example, with the “Wooden Sword”, you can wave your sword in 2 directions and make a stabbing action. Let’s look at Party Supplies.


Party supplies are exclusive to members and can be bought at any Party Supplies Vendor. There are many of these however the most popular ones are the ones in the Welcome Plaza, Foodtrekker, Glow Grotto and SS Convenience in Coconut Cove. The higher you level up, the more party supplies will unlock. You can then use them from this tab by tapping it and clicking the orange interactive button (see further down below).

Fun fact: At level 5, you can buy food to share with others. Click here to see a party I hosted with a few other people and you can see how awesome the party supplies were!

My Adventures:


There’s not much to say about this tab. By clicking each character, it will show you which of their adventures you have completed, which you need to complete and what left you need to be unlock the rest. However, you need to see that mascot anyway to play the adventure/quest/mission so there’s not really much point in this.



Settings is where you can change the game sounds and see if you’re a member. However the two most important features are the ability to sign out and to change worlds. Switching to a different world gives you the opportunity to meet new penguins whilst being on the same island. This can be done by simply tapping the world which you are on.



On Club Penguin Island, you can chat with others! You are protected by a secure filter and live moderators. Just simply type in what you want to say and hit enter. However, if you click the blue button to the left you can access phrases already set for you.However, the more exciting things are emojis!

Emojis unlock as you level up! They’re a great way to express yourself. Here’s a look at all of them shared by the CP Wiki!

Set 1

Emoji Smile Face
Emoji Stressed
Emoji Blushing
Emoji Angry Face
Emoji Skeptical Face
Emoji Left Arrow
Emoji Right Arrow
Smile Face Stressed Blushing Angry Face Skeptical Face Left Arrow Right Arrow
Emoji Small Sad Face
Emoji Embarrassed
Emoji Crying
Emoji Laugh Cry
Emoji Shocked
Emoji Starfish
Emoji Green Note
Small Sad Face Embarrassed Crying Laugh Cry Shocked Starfish Green Note
Emoji Winking Face
Emoji Cold Face
Emoji Blank Stare
Emoji Grinning Face
Emoji Sleepy Face
Emoji Fishing Rod
Emoji Heart
Winking Face Cold Face Blank Stare Grinning Face Sleepy Face Fishing Rod Heart

Set 2

This set is received by reaching level 1, as part of the Citizen Pack.
Emoji Sickened Face
Emoji Face Sticking Out Tongue
Emoji Princess with Crown
Emoji Idea Lightbulb
Emoji Inner Tube
Sickened Face Face Sticking Out Tongue Princess with Crown Idea Lightbulb Inner Tube
Emoji Upside-down Face
Emoji In Love
Emoji Grumpy
Emoji Music Notes
Emoji Jackhammer
Upside-down Face In Love Grumpy Music Notes Jackhammer
Emoji Nerd Face
Emoji Cool Sunglasses Face
Emoji Poop
Emoji Party Popper
Emoji Campfire
Nerd Face Cool Sunglasses Face Poop Party Popper Campfire

Set 3

This set is received by reaching level 4, as part of the Wild Pack.
Emoji Fish
Emoji Angry Crab
Emoji Dog Face
Emoji Frowning Squid
Emoji Cat Face
Emoji Grinning Shark
Fish Angry Crab Dog Face Frowning Squid Cat Face Grinning Shark

Set 4

This set is received by reaching level 5, as part of the Sharing Pack.
Emoji Stinky Cheese
Emoji Hot Chocolate
Emoji Eating
Emoji Birthday Cake
Emoji Fishdog
Emoji Squid Stick
Emoji Pizza
Emoji Smoothie
Emoji Eating Cake
Stinky Cheese Hot Chocolate Eating Birthday Cake Fishdog Squid Stick Pizza Smoothie Eating Cake

Set 5

This set is received by reaching level 6, as part of the Sports Pack.
Emoji Whistling Face
Emoji Trophy
Emoji Thumbs Up Sign
Emoji Cheering Face
Emoji Race Flag
Emoji Number One Fan Finger
Whistling Face Trophy Thumbs Up Sign Cheering Face Race Flag Number One Fan Finger

Set 6

This set is received by reaching level 10, as part of the Party Pack.
Emoji Fireworks
Emoji Party Blaster
Emoji Piñata
Emoji Glow Stick
Emoji Party Face
Emoji Fish Wearing Shades
Fireworks Party Blaster Piñata Glow Stick Party Face Fish Wearing Shades

Set 7

This set is received after clearing the “Mirror Mirror” quest.
Emoji Aunt Arctic Smile
Emoji Lighthouse
Emoji Angry Lava Blob
Emoji Aunt Arctic Spy
Emoji Aunt Arctic Raised Eyebrow
Emoji Magnifying Glass
Aunt Arctic Smile Lighthouse Angry Lava Blob Aunt Arctic Spy Aunt Arctic Raised Eyebrow Magnifying Glass

Set 8

This set is received after clearing the “The Black Pearl” quest.
Emoji Excitied Rockhopper
Emoji Treasure X
Emoji Wooden Sword
Emoji Scared Rockhopper
Emoji Angry Rockhopper
Emoji Treasure Chest
Excited Rockhopper Treasure X Wooden Sword Scared Rockhopper Angry Rockhopper Treasure Chest

Set 9

These are received by pre-registering during the beta test period. This set can be used by all players.
Emoji Classic Sickened
Emoji Fish With Glasses
Emoji Classic Smile
Emoji Iceberg
Emoji Classic Wink
Emoji Red Viking Face
Classic Sickened Fish With Glasses Classic Smile Iceberg Classic Wink Red Viking Face



The trackpad is used to move around on Club Penguin Island! I suspect you know how to use it so I won’t focus on that. Let’s look at the buttons on the right.

The most used one is the “jump” feature which is line swirling up. You can use this to climb stairs or climb the waterfall. There are so many possibilities! When you are in water, this will turn to the “Boost Swim” button which makes you go a bit quicker underwater.

Snowballs can be thrown anywhere! The longer you hold it down, the stronger and further the snowball will travel. Currently, you are unable to aim these snowballs. Tubes can only be used by members and are a great way to relax. You can use it in water and on land!


I hope this page helped you! Make sure to check out our content!